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Strategy Development

How can a corporate group with 8 brands be well positioned for the future?

Through a systematic and structured strategy process, a group-wide strategy was developed together with the Executive Board and the owner family and broken down to the 8 brands.

Result: growth strategy (incl. strategy manual) with +40% turnover in 5 years and reorganization of the group and the brands.

210310_Operational Excellence.png
Operational Excellence

How can a historically grown plant be set up along the lean principles?

The arrangement of the areas and the value stream could be analyzed by means of a quick digital recording of the current status using the VisTable software, and on this basis an optimal target layout and value stream could be created.

Result: Arrangement of the areas according to increasing value added. Reduction of logistics costs by 25%.

Multi-project management

How can a large number of complex strategic projects be managed efficiently?

By establishing a structured, systematic and efficient multi-project management, the necessary transparency of the entire project portfolio could be created, thus facilitating decision-making for the project stakeholders.

Result: Transparent, systematic and efficient managing of 21 strategic projects.

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